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Night School in Exeter

In 1907, the Exeter school board reported that of the 1028 children registered for classes, 194 were born in another country.  As with most immigrant children, they assimilated quickly, learning English in school and absorbing their new culture with ease.  Their parents, like most immigrant parents, found the transition much more difficult and there was little in Exeter to help them along.

The Drama of Exeter’s Court

While examining early maps of the town recently, a group of Exeter Girl Scouts noted that street names were once far more functional than today.  School Street had an actual school located on it, Town Farm Road led to the town farm, and, in particular, Court Street was the location of the court house.  Of course, it was carefully explained, there have been two Court Streets in Exeter.  The first one is now called Front Street, but in its earlier days, the court house had indeed stood right in the center of the street.

Amos Tuck and Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln arrived in Washington in 1847 to start his only term in the House of Representatives, the only seat left in the great hall was near the back.  Next to him sat Amos Tuck of Exeter, New Hampshire.  Tuck and Lincoln were of different political parties and often voted on opposite sides of issues, but the two men formed a friendship and twelve years later, Tuck's newly formed Republican Party would catapult Lincoln onto the national stage.

Quakers in Exeter

There is scant mention of Quakers in Exeter's history.  Charles Bell, in his History of the Town of Exeter, New Hampshire, gives passing reference to the group, "About the middle of the last century (the 1700s) there were a few Quakers in Exeter, who held meetings for a time in a barn which stood on the southerly side of what is now Front Street, just opposite the head of Centre Street."  Quakers eventually became quite prominent in the early days of the United States, but remained uncommon in Exeter.

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